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Welcome to the 1 Day Data website

We design software for accessible print

Simple to use software to meet your accessible print requirements, including a 24 hour turnaround for 99% of fixes
Full development from redacted data files
Who are we
Our Story

All of us began as transcribers and understand all of the issues associated with producing accessible documents.

Our Vision

Simple to use automated software where extractable pdfs can be processed in a matter of seconds into Audio, Braille and Large Print.

Text heavy pages and complicated table layouts are easily converted into paragraph format for better readability.


Simple click to start software exe - a simple copy and paste enables easy updates.


99% of fixes within 24 hours.

How it works

How it works


We offer both full and partial automation from:

Extractable pdf


Text files

Scanned documents


Simple to use

Multiple page pdfs and complicated layouts are processed in a matter of seconds

A simple click and run process turns your files into Audio, Braille and Large Print documents

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Request demo

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Phone: 0191 490 9345

1 Day Data Limited

Greensfield Business Centre

Mulgrave Terrace



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